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SIR Foundation's registries

Collecting standardized data to improve clinical care 

Clinical registries are organized systems that store standardized data on a specific population defined by a disease, condition or procedure. Information from clinical data registries can be used to evaluate specific outcomes and compare the effectiveness of different treatments. Furthermore, they are used to improve the quality of care and patient safety.

The Clinical Research and Registries Division strongly encourages registry endeavors for the purposes of advancing scientific knowledge and developing innovative therapies that lead to improved patient care in IR. Previous registry stakeholders include government agencies, industry manufacturers and other professional societies. 



Active registries

SIR Foundation is currently supporting multiple registries. To learn more about these registries, please click the box below. 

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Completed registries

To learn more about the completed registries that SIR Foundation has supported, please click the link below. 

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Interested in starting a registry

Are you interested in starting a registry? If so, learn about how to submit an idea to SIR Foundation through our letter of intent (LOI) process.

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about SIR Foundation's clinical research programs, please contact the Director of Clinical Research and Grants.