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Foundation committees

SIR Foundation Committees

SIR members are encouraged to volunteer to serve on an SIR Foundation committee. Becoming a committee member provides you with the opportunity to grow as a physician and as a leader within the society, the foundation, and the specialty. Society and foundation committees fit all areas of expertise and interest and offer opportunities to influence the practice and study of medicine, network with colleagues and participate in leadership activities.

Development Division


The Gala Committee serves as the member voice behind the planning of the annual SIR Foundation Gala. The committee is responsible for venue selection, outreach to physicians and physician groups to support the Gala through table and ticket purchases and other activities to raise funds for SIR Foundation.

Major Gifts Task Force

Established by the SIR Foundation Board of Directors in 2015, this task force will help conceptualize and implement programs to support increased sources of sustained funding through major giving. They will aid in identification and solicitation of prospective donors with the capacity to make major gift contributions of $10,000 or more to SIR Foundation through one-time gifts, planned gifts, or a combination.

Research Grants and Education Division

Grant Review Committee

The Grant Review Committee oversees the foundation's peer review process for grant applications and administers and develops the foundation's grant programs. Members are responsible for the development and revision of grant program guidelines, assignment of grants to reviewers, and review of grant recipient reports and requests. 

Grant Review Study Section

The Grant Review Study Section is charged with reviewing grant applications and determines the number of additional reviewers that are necessary based on the number of applications. The section recruits Grant Review Study Section members based on their areas of expertise that are compatible with the grant application areas of research.

Clinical Research and Registries Division

Clinical Research and Registries Committee

The Clinical Research and Registries Division encourages the IR community to undertake research initiatives that advance patient care. The committee members under this division support the development of research studies and clinical registries to address important clinical questions in IR. 

Comparative Effectiveness Research Committee

The Comparative Effectiveness Research Committee focuses on differences in safety, effectiveness, resource utilization, health disparities, economics, and quality-of-life outcomes between different existing management or treatment options. This committee helps SIR Foundation develop the evidence base comparing IR services and procedures to their medical and surgical alternatives. 

Join an SIR Foundation Committee

Join an SIR Foundation Committee

Join an SIR Foundation Committee

SIR Foundation encourages SIR members to apply to join an education or clinically-focused committee, or one of the many other committees that fit your area of expertise or interest. These committees offer you opportunities to influence the practice and study of medicine, network with colleagues in your field of expertise, and participate in leadership activities of SIR Foundation.