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Advancing IR through research

We envision a world where widespread recognition of IR ensures it is the first choice in image-guided therapy. Through the foundation’s programs, we are the premier source for advancing the research necessary to propel innovation, legitimize existing procedures and increasing knowledge in IR.

There are many ways to support SIR Foundation, including giving to the Annual Fund, becoming a Pioneer Circle member, attending our annual Gala and providing corporate support.




Our impact

With your support, SIR Foundation can:

  • Foster scientific research in interventional radiology through the grants and awards programs
  • Orchestrate expert panels in various high priority health care areas to identify research priorities in interventional radiology
  • Identify and celebrate Leaders of Innovation and young investigators in the field of interventional radiology  
  • Provide summer internships through collaborative agreements to introduce medical students to research and device development at locations across the country


Thank you to our 2019 donors!

Why I give

 Why I give

"I support SIR Foundation because this is the only organization dedicated to IR research. This is the group that supports innovations to help IRs provide better care to our patients, not only helping to mature new technology but also validating services. We cannot depend on anyone else to do IR research; we must provide the foundation with the funds and tools to support our practices." — SIR Foundation Vice Chair Katharine L. Krol, MD, FSIR

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Building the future of IR and medicine together

SIR Foundation proudly supports innovative pioneers and researchers that continually redefine the future of medicine.

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About the Pioneer Circle

Create a stronger future for the specialty and the patients you serve. When you make an unrestricted annual fund gift of $1,000 each calendar year, or cumulative gifts of $1,000 throughout the calendar year, you join the prestigious Pioneer Circle. These gifts enable research, grants and other projects that advance IR as patients’ first choice for image-guided therapy. Become a member of the Pioneer Circle today.

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Advance IR through research

Visionary leaders and generous support make big things happen for IR through research. Your support of the SIR Foundation Annual Fund can help solve the biggest challenges and foster a culture of research and innovation—which is good for patients and good for IR. 

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