Clinical research

Advancing knowledge through research



The Clinical Research and Registries Division supports diverse research initiatives in IR. Clinical research involves the investigation of a drug, device, or procedure on a specific population to evaluate the effects on health outcomes. The results can be applied to improve patient care and advance medical knowledge. Investigators are encouraged to participate in research studies on critical topics in IR.

In addition to conducting trials, this division organizes research consensus panel (RCP) meetings and research summits to discuss research priorities in IR and determine how SIR Foundation can support these initiatives. The lead investigator coordinates a panel of multidisciplinary subject matter experts in the topic's field. The highest research topic is selected for further investigation. Previous participants include representatives from medical institutions, academia, industry, and federal agencies. 



Research priorities

Each year, SIR Foundation produces a list of top research priorities, which SIR will focus on for upcoming research meetings and projects. SIR Foundation asks for research priorities that are most important or where additional research is needed in IR, including clinical and non-clinical topics. 




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The Uterine Fibroid Symptom Health-Related Quality of Life Questionnaire (UFS-QOL) is a tool that was developed through a grant provided by SIR Foundation by former SIR President James B. Spies, MD, MPH, FSIR, in conjunction with the RAND Corporation. It is specifically designed to assess the symptoms associated with uterine fibroid tumors and is currently in use by several research groups.


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Research consensus panels

The Clinical Research and Registries Division supports research consensus panels (RCPs) and research summits, which are meetings to discuss critical research areas in IR and determine how the priority topic can be further developed. These meetings are held four times per year.



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