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Making research possible

Grants and awards

SIR Foundation allocates $400,000 each year to support high quality, peer-reviewed research in interventional radiology. Grant programs are offered at every stage of professional development, from medical students to established researchers. 

Program overview 

SIR Foundation supports a robust portfolio of grants that form a continuum of funding opportunities ranging from research training, to seed grants, to academic development grants. Our grant program is designed to benefit researchers at all levels, from medical students to established practitioners. 


Our grants program has an impressive 25-to-1 return on investment, which means that for every dollar SIR Foundation provides to a grant recipient, that grant recipient is able to subsequently garner $25 from other funding organizations for that same line of research, demonstrating our success at fostering researchers through to the next level. 

Dr. Misra's story

Donors are the life-blood of SIR Foundation, as exemplified by the amazing research our grants program has funded. One doctor shared his journey since receiving a foundation grant 15 years ago: Sanjay Misra, MD, FSIR, received the SIR Foundation Pilot Research Grant, which allowed him to secure funding for his initial NIH research grant. As a consequence of the initial funding, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized his investigational new drug (IND) for the use of stem cells to reduce vascular injury. Dr. Misra will be enrolling patients as part of a phase 1 study at the Mayo Clinic this summer. “The return on investment was good, with more than $4 million in funding, more than 90 papers published and a clinical trial,” Dr. Misra said. To donate to SIR Foundation, please click here. See the full story in IR Quarterly.

SIR Foundation grants advance IR through research

SIR Foundation Chair Filip Banovac, MD, FSIR, explains the expanding areas of research funded by SIR Foundation and how you can support its mission.

Advance research

“I think that the impact [of this research] is multilayered. It helps define IR as an innovative, forward-thinking specialty that looks at vascular disease beyond just balloons and stents and starts to unravel the biology of stenosis formation.

—Sanjay Misra, MD, FSIR

Support the future of IR

Through programs like the Pilot Grant, SIR Foundation has passionately encouraged and supported innovation for more than 20 years. The foundation’s grant programs support research training, new explorations and academic development grants. For more details on how you can support the foundation’s efforts, contact Terrianne Zeifman, SIR Foundation development director, at

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