Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle

Paving the way for IR's future

In 2010, Michael Edwards, MD, FSIR, and his wife Sherri made an incredible commitment to a $1 million planned gift that inspired us to think bigger: to imagine a future where the foundation’s work is fully sustained. Through the Legacy Circle, we honor those who secure SIR Foundation’s financial future by making a major or planned gift today and those who choose to remember the foundation in their estate. These gifts will play a crucial role in achieving future goals related to research and discovery—the cornerstone of innovation.

When you become a Legacy Circle donor, you are not only helping to ensure your legacy in IR, but you also make it possible for us to fund breakthrough research, to encourage and train new and established investigators, to ensure that innovation thrives, and to continue the work that safeguards SIR Foundation's future as a premier research resource.

Join the Legacy Circle

You have contributed to the growth of IR during your lifetime. Through your commitment to the Legacy Circle, you not only help ensure IR’s future progress through SIR Foundation’s initiatives, but you also demonstrate your passion for IR and research. Planned gifts may provide tax benefits for you and your loved ones, while also sustaining SIR Foundation’s future.

For more information about joining the Legacy Circle, please contact Terrianne Zeifman, SIR Foundation development director, at (703) 460-5591.

Helping researchers succeed

Erik N.K. Cressman, MD, PhD, FSIR, SIR Foundation Research Grants and Education Division chair, discusses how a new program is helping researchers blossom by providing real-time feedback on grant applications.

Grants and awards

Legacy Circle founding donors Sherri and Michael Edwards, MD, FSIR

Dr. Michael and Mrs. Sherri Edwards“We should become much more aware that those coming after us will be crucial in carrying forward our drive, our determination to move forward in research, and the need to train those who follow in the most thorough manner possible, so they may make our achievements look small in comparison.”