Pioneer Circle

Pioneer Circle

Driving research that moves healthcare forward

With an Annual Fund gift of $1,000 or more each calendar year (or cumulative gifts totaling $1,000 or more throughout the calendar year), you will be welcomed into our Pioneer Circle. Contributions to the Annual Fund enable powerful programs to foster innovations that touch the lives of millions of IR patients. The visionary leaders of the Pioneer Circle believe there are many discoveries yet to be made and have committed to giving generously to foster the passion of today’s young investigators who will deliver the future of IR. We have recently renamed and enhanced our recognition levels and benefits so we can appropriately acknowledge your generosity and these added benefits will be extended to 2020 Pioneer Circle members for the 2021 calendar year.

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SIR Foundation is grateful to the following individuals for their demonstrated investment in IR’s future by supporting the foundation’s mission in 2019.


Inferior vena cava | $10,000+

John Abele, FSIR
Alan H. Matsumoto, MD, FSIR
James F. McGuckin Jr, MD, FSIR


Renal | $5,000–$9,999

Erik N.K. Cressman, MD, PhD, FSIR
Charles Y. Kim, MD, FSIR
John JT Thomas, MD, FSIR


Iliac | $2,500–$4,999

Bulent Arslan, MD, FSIR
Jeremy D. Collins, MD, FSIR
Clifford R. Davis, MD
Jeremy C. Durack, MD, MS, FSIR
Jeffrey E. Hull, MD
Shellie C. Josephs, MD, FSIR
Frederick S. Keller, MD, FSIR
Kumar Madassery, MD
Siram Satyanath, MD
Brian F. Stainken, MD, FSIR
Suresh Vedantham, MD, FSIR


Femoral | $1,000–$2,499

Ole Sami Aassar, MD
Kamran Ahrar, MD, MBA, FSIR
R. Torrance Andrews, MD, FSIR
Filip Banovac, MD, FSIR
Marouane R. Bouchareb, MD
Scott R. Broadwell, MD
Daniel B. Brown, MD, FSIR
John F. Cardella, MD, FSIR
Theresa M. Caridi, MD, FSIR
Kyung J. Cho, MD, FSIR
Michael D. Darcy, MD, FSIR
Kush R. Desai, MD, FSIR
Todd Dieckhoner
Janette D. Durham, MD, MBA, FSIR
Robin Edelstein
Laura Findeiss, MD, FSIR
Jafar Golzarian, MD, FSIR
David Hahn, MD
Colleen P. Harker, MD
Ryan M. Hickey, MD, FSIR
Mikhail C.S.S. Higgins, MD, MPH
Eric K. Hoffer, MD
Kelvin Hong, MD, FSIR
Keith M. Horton, MD, FSIR
Gloria L. Hwang, MD, FSIR
Bertrand Janne d'Othee, MD, MPH, MBA, FSIR
Sanjeeva P. Kalva, MD, FSIR
Maureen Pearl Kohi, MD, FSIR
Nishita Kothary, MD, FSIR
Katharine L. Krol, MD, FSIR
Paul P. Lee, MD, FSIR
Robert J. Lewandowski, MD, FSIR
Frank C. Lynch, MD, FSIR
M. Victoria Marx, MD, FSIR
Carol and Gordon McLennan, MD, FSIR
Mark Mead
Sailendra G. Naidu, MD, FSIR
Parag J. Patel, MD, MS, FSIR
Raj Pyne, MD, FSIR
Charles E. Ray Jr, MD, PhD, FSIR
Joseph A. Ronsivalle, MD, FSIR
Michael S. Rosenberg, MD, FSIR
Susan E. Sedory, MA, CAE
Derrick R. Siebert, MD
Howard W. Sill, MD, PhD
Akhilesh K. Sista, MD, FSIR
Agnieszka Solberg, MD
Michael C. Soulen, MD, FSIR
Elizabeth B. Spencer, MD, FSIR
James B. Spies, MD, MPH, FSIR
Alda L. Tam, MD, FSIR
Beau Bosko Toskich, MD
Venu Vadlamudi, MD, RPVI, FSIR
Steven A. Wagers Jr, MD
Derek L. West, MD, MS
Sarah B. White, MD, MS, FSIR
Douglas B. Yim, MD, FSIR

For questions about the Pioneer Circle, please contact:

Terrianne Zeifman
Director, Development
(703) 460-5591

Making research possible

“I am extremely grateful to be a recipient of the SIR Foundation’s Radiology Resident Research Grant. The grant provides a remarkable opportunity to explore innovative ideas in the exciting field of interventional oncology. My translational project exploring the hypertrophic response following portal vein embolization has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding research experiences to date. I consider it one of the most important steps in fulfilling my aspirations of becoming a physician-scientist.” — Felipe Matsunaga, MD, 2019 SIR Foundation Radiology Resident Grant recipient

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