Founders' Society

Founders' Society

Founders' Society

Driving research that moves healthcare forward

The Founders' Society recognizes SIR Foundation's most generous supporters who have made lifetime gifts totaling $25,000 to $1 million or more. 

This society is named for the nine founders of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Research and Education Foundation (CIRREF), which became SIR Foundation in 2005: John Abele, FSIR, Stanley Baum, MD, FSIR, William Cook, FSIR, Barry T. Katzen, MD, FSIR, Eric C. Martin, MD, FSIR, Thomas F. Meaney, MD, FSIR, Ernest J. Ring, MD, FSIR, Robert Stein, PhD, FSIR, and Arthur C. Waltman, FSIR. 


Founders' Society donors

We are privileged to have donors who qualify for this honor through their extraordinary philanthropy. 

Axillary | $100,000–$249,999

John Abele, FSIR
Tracey and William C. Culp, MD, FSIR 
Alan H. Matsumoto, MD, FSIR

Brachial | $25,000–$99,999

Curtis W. Bakal, MD, MPH, FSIR
Joseph Bonn, MD, FSIR
John F. Cardella, MD, FSIR
Constantin Cope, MD, FSIR
Erik N.K. Cressman, MD, PhD, FSIR
Michael D. Darcy, MD, FSIR
Dennis Dewenter, a patient of Elan H. Rosenthal, MD
Janette D. Durham, MD, MBA, FSIR
Eamonn P. Hobbs
John A. Kaufman, MD, FSIR
Frederick S. Keller, MD, FSIR
Katharine L. Krol, MD, FSIR
Timothy P. Maroney, MD
James F. McGuckin Jr, MD, FSIR
Carol and Gordon McLennan, MD, FSIR
Mehran Midia, MD
Rodney D. Raabe, MD, FSIR
Anne C. Roberts, MD, FSIR
David Sacks, MD, FSIR
James B. Spies, MD, MPH, FSIR
Brian F. Stainken, MD, FSIR
John JT Thomas, MD, FSIR
Suresh Vedantham, MD, FSIR
Terrence D. Wilkin, MD
Joan C. Wojak, MD, FSIR


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For questions about the Founders' Society, please contact:

Terrianne Zeifman
Director, Development
(703) 460-5591