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CER Committee

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Committee

SIR Foundation's Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Committee focuses on differences in safety, effectiveness, resource utilization, health disparities, economics, and quality-of-life outcomes between existing management or treatment options. In the absence of randomized trials, well-designed cohort studies can provide much needed clinically relevant comparative outcomes data. The CER Committee will help SIR Foundation develop the evidence base comparing interventional radiology services and procedures to their medical and surgical alternatives. 

Current activities

Thanks to all who participated in the CER Committee's webinar, "Publicly Available Large Data Sets for Health Outcomes Research: Pearls, Pitfalls, Prices & more."

Lakshika Tennakoon, MD, MSc, MPhil, DTM&H, a clinical epidemiologist at Stanford University, discussed the leading population-level registries currently available for public use. This interactive webinar targeted both experienced and aspiring health outcomes investigators, addressing subjects such as which registries to use and how to gain access. 

Watch "Publicly Available Large Data Sets for Health Outcomes Research: Pearls, Pitfalls, Prices and more."

CER Committee roster

Adam D. Talenfeld, MD Co-Chair (2019)
Gloria L. Hwang, MD, FSIR Co-Chair (2020)
Andrew Gunn, MD Member (2020)
Cherng Chao, MD Member (2020)
Craig Greben, MD, MBA, FSIR Member (2020)
Eleni Liapi, MD Member (2020)
Jonathan Opraseuth, MD Member (2019)
Kevan V. Stewart, MD Member (2020)
Kevin A. Bohn, MD Member (2020)
Michael C. Brunner, MD, FSIR Member (2020)
Mircea Cristescu, MD, MBA Member (2020)
Nima Kokabi, MD Member (2019)
Paul J. Rochon, MD, FSIR Member (2019)
Resmi Charalel, MD Member (2019)
Salomao Faintuch, MD, MS Member (2020)
Sharon W. Kwan, MD, FSIR Member (2020)
Eleanore Hernandez Moye, MS, CCRP, PMP, CPHQ - Staff Liaison