The value of clinical research and registries

The value of clinical research and registries

Research and registries

SIR Foundation Clinical Research and Registries Division strongly encourages the IR community to undertake research initiatives that support evidence-based research and advance patient care. Many opportunities are provided for investigator collaboration, scientific training, and innovation. This division supports the development of research trials, clinical registries, and other research programs to address important clinical questions in IR. Current project stakeholders include academia, hospital centers, federal agencies, industry, medical associations, and patient advocacy organizations.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials involves the investigation of a drug, device, or procedure on a specific population to evaluate the effects on health outcomes. SIR Foundation supports a variety of studies to advance the speciality of IR. Previous involvement included assisting with subject enrollment and raising general awareness in the IR Community. For more information on SIR Foundation's previous and current trials, please visit the Clinical Trials page.

Clinical registries

Clinical registries collect standardized data on a specific population defined by a particular disease, condition, or procedure. They are valuable in comparing patient data across institutions to improve quality and patient safety. SIR Foundation encourages registry endeavors to collect data for supporting evidence-based research. If you are interested in learning about registries supported by the SIR Foundation, please visit the Clinical Registries page.


SIR Foundation Clinical Research and Registries Division supports a variety of research initiatives. Each year, research priorities are collected from membership, corporate, and the SIR Service Line Advisory Board (SLAB) as potential meeting topics. The highest prioritzed submissions will be topics for upcoming research consensus panels (RCPs) and research summits. These meetings are forums to discuss critical topics in IR and determine how SIR Foundation can support future endeavors. In addition to research meetings, SIR Foundation holds the copyright for the Uterine Fibroid Symptom Health-Related Quality of Life Questionnaire (UFS-QOL), a tool specifically designed to assess the symptoms associated with uterine fibroid tumors. If you are interested in accessing this questionnaire, please complete the request form.



Contact Information
If you have any questions about the programs under the SIR Foundation Clinical Research and Registries Division, please contact the coordinator of research and grants.