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SIR Foundation committees overview

SIR members are encouraged to volunteer to serve on a SIR Foundation committee. Becoming a committee member provides you with the opportunity to grow as a physician and as a leader within the society, the foundation, and the specialty. Society and foundation committees fit all areas of expertise and interest and offer opportunities to influence the practice and study of medicine, network with colleagues and participate in leadership activities.

Below are SIR Foundation's committees:

Research Grants and Education Division

Research Grants and Education Committee

The Research Grants and Education Committee is charged with providing IR researchers with educational opportunities that will improve their understanding of research and thereby increase the number of skilled investigators.


Grant Review Study Section

The Grant Review Study Section is charged with reviewing grant applications and determines the number of additional reviewers necessary based on the number of applications submitted. The section recruits Grant Review Study Section members based on areas of expertise that are compatible with the areas of research identified in the grant applications.


All members of this committee will need to disclose all conflict of interests, by filling out this form. 


SIR/NIH Task Force

The task force is dedicated to increasing the engagement of IR physicians and scientists with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to help increase NIH funding for SIR members.

GEMS Committee

The Grants for Education of Medical Students (GEMS) Committee reviews scholarship applications during the three GEMS cycles of August, December and April. In addition to reviewing the online applications, committee members also participate in conference calls to evaluate all applications.


Clinical Research and Registries Division


Clinical Research and Registries Committee

The Clinical Research and Registries Committee oversees and develops strategies for all SIR Foundation clinical research activities, including the development of clinical trials and clinical registries as well as the orchestration of research consensus panels (RCPs) and research summits.


LOI Review Chair

The Clinical Research and Registries Division encompasses the Letter of Intent process. Physicians who are interested in conducting a research trial, registry, or other types of study, should submit a letter of intent (LOI). The LOI Review Chair is responsible for leading the review process for the LOI's submitted.


Comparative Effectiveness Research Committee

Comparative Effectiveness Research focuses on differences in safety, effectiveness, resource utilization, health disparities, economics and quality-of-life outcomes among existing management or treatment options. In the absence of randomized trials, well-designed cohort studies can provide much-needed clinically relevant comparative outcomes data. The Comparative Effectiveness Research Committee will help the SIR Foundation develop the evidence base comparing interventional radiology services and procedures to their medical and surgical alternatives.


Clinical Trials Network Taskforce

The IR Clinical Trials Network Task Force is responsible for the development of a plan to establish, fund, implement, and manage a clinical trials network with the goal of promoting the culture of research in IR.

Development Division 

Gala Committee

The Gala Committee serves as the member voice behind the planning of the annual SIR Foundation Gala. The committee is responsible for venue selection, outreach to physicians and physician groups to support the Gala through table and ticket purchases, and planning other activities to raise funds for SIR Foundation.


Corporate Ambassadors Program Committee and Physician Delegates  (jointly with SIR)

The Corporate Ambassador Program (CAP) committee engages industry partners in SIR and SIR Foundation's missions to improve lives through image-guided therapy. The CAP program provides forward-thinking companies with opportunities for strategic collaboration to advance the specialty, inform the future of IR and be recognized for contributions in support of the field.

Development Advisory Task Force

This Development Advisory Task Force is comprised of committed advocates and ambassadors who share the importance of philanthropy and the postiive impact the foundation has on interventional radiology research.

Standing and ad-hoc committee


SIR Foundation Nominating Committee

The SIR Foundation Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying and recruiting members of the SIR Foundation Board of Directors.

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SIR Foundation encourages SIR members to apply to join an education or clinically focused committee, or one of the many other committees that fit your area of expertise or interest. These committees offer you opportunities to influence the practice and study of medicine, network with colleagues and participate in leadership activities.

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